Wednesday, December 9, 2009

“Not just men have known my charms…”

Well, I neglected this from the last post, so magickally a new post appears. At that show I saw at the Variety Playhouse, not only did the Mountain Goats & Final Fantasy play, but so did this lady:

Her name is Larkin Grimm, and I had never even heard of her before, but she was truly amazing to see live. You could kind of tell that she didn’t know any chords, which I read later in an interview to be true, but boy does she have a voice—a kind of weird voice, but a beautifully haunting one nonetheless. She’s a great songwriter as well, which is apparent in these lyrics to her song “Be My Host:” “Little Mother Mary riding on a unicorn. Come across the highway, wishing you’d never been born. Oh mama, I’m your spirit, be Host. I’m your Holy Ghost. Hey Little Mama will you love me when I’m eating you? You’re calling me a cannibal, come on let me cook up a stew.”

Also, in that interview I read, I learned that she was born into some sort of cult in Tennessee, but her parents later moved to Dahlonega, Georgia. She said the cult was interesting, because her parents basically kept her away from all the evil of the world, so in a way that kind of makes her like Gautama Buddha (or at least, I would like to think so). I also read that when she was writing her newest album, she considered herself transgendered, which is apparent in the way she writes about sex. I think it’s visible in this video of her playing “Blonde and Golden Johns.” Before she plays in it she discusses Brittany Spears vagina for a while, which I suppose is pretty interesting as well:

I only have her third and newest album, Parplar, which was produced by Michael Gira from the band Swans, on his own label Young Gods Records (which brought Devendra Banhart into popularity). On a side note, here’s a video of Swans cover “Love Will Tear Us Apart” by Joy Division:

I guess that’s all I really have to say about Larkin Grimm, other than the fact that is adorable. That’s clearly apparent in this video of her playing “The Last Tree” by a lake. I mean, come on, she spends the first fifteen seconds of it bringing in nature energy… Adorable!

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